The 3D CAD Tool For Radiation Shielding Analysis

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New version 4.2.2 is available !

New design – New mappings – New features

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For the past 18 years, FASTRAD® has been recognized in the space industry as the reference software for advanced radiation dose analysis and shielding optimization.

All over the world, over 150 satellite integrators, space agencies and sub-system manufacturers are using FASTRAD® on a daily basis.

This software allows its users to decrease overall shielding mass and improve equipments radiation hardness. Thanks to its CAD geometry import module, 3D modeling of components, sub-systems or satellite structures has never been this easy!

FASTRAD® is the perfect solution for space radiation analysis, key calculations such as sector analysis (Minimum and Slant Ray-tracing), new and improved Reverse Monte Carlo method.

If you are working in a nuclear or medical field, TRAD is developing a dedicated software ‘RayXpert’ – Read more about it

  • Overall satellite cost reduction

  • Effectiveness of Monte Carlo method

  • Friendly interface, easy handling

  • Great time saving on 3D modeling

4.2 version available