At any level, any step of modeling, our engineers provide you the opportunity to gain additional knowledge on FASTRAD software.


The hands-on training allows participants to assess the practical value of such a tool. An in-company training using your equipment or training in our premises, we can propose a training session broken down in separate modules and tailored to the specific needs of your company.

FASTRAD® training sessions:

  • ‘All about FASTRAD® – For FASTRAD® beginners

  • ‘FASTRAD® scripting module’ for FASTRAD® users

  • ‘FASTRAD® Advanced’ for FASTRAD® users

FASTRAD® consulting session and complementary training can be also provided on request

Program example:

  • Review of software features
  • CAD tool and STEP import
  • Material property management
  • Dose calculation by sector analysis and Monte Carlo
  • Radiation shielding calculation
  • Hands-on exercises
    * Modeling of an electronic equipment
    * Using the components database
    * Applying calculations to a satellite platform
    * Shielding definition

Profile required :

Engineer level or equivalent in:
Quality assurance
Systems Engineering
Equipment Design and Embedded Instruments
Research and Development


Online training available

Contact us for more details!

Other radiation training available :

Characterisation of radiation effects on materials

Characterisation of radiation effects on electronic components etc.

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